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Chairman's Speech

Chairman's Speech

HONSUN“When a deer finds a grassland, it will bleat and notify the rest of the herd. They take care of each other.” The herd mentality of the deer was the source of inspiration for the company’s Chinese name and also underlines the symbiotic company culture. HONSUN has developed a code of ethics that unites its employees and has made consistent quality the cornerstone of its business development. With an unswerving focus on quality over the past 15 years, HONSUN has kept building the strength of the R & D team, upgrading the automated production equipment, accelerating the establishment of comprehensive information-based, digital and intelligent management system and delivering premium medical devices. The company specializes in blood pressure testing, nebulizer treatments, in-home healthcare, clinical diagnosis and other in-home medical service solutions. It also pursues advanced manufacturing and business diversification.


HONSUN has expanded into the international market with a number of products passing CE certification in EU, FDA certification in the U.S. and other international certifications such as ISO13485 and 510 (K). The company has also secured a foothold in the Chinese market, with SCIAN, its own proprietary brand, being recognized as a famous product and a famous trademark of Jiangsu Province. Besides, the In-home Precision Medical Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of HONSUN was named to a provincial-level engineering technology center of Jiangsu Province. The automated production of the diaphragm pressure sensor, a proprietary technology of the company, was approved as a National Torch Project. In 2019, HONSUN was named to a specialized, refined, characteristic and innovative “Little Giant” of Jiangsu Province. Its electronic stethoscope was granted the Excellent Chinese Patent Appearance Design Award in 2010. As of today, HONSUN has applied for more than 100 patents, including six authorized invention patents and three software copyrights.


In the future, HONSUN will further enhance its competitive advantages in home health management services to deliver premium healthcare products and solutions for Chinese consumers and also the global consumers. To achieve this strategic goal step by step, the company will build proprietary brands, implement intelligent manufacturing and operation, expand the product portfolio, broaden the application of atomized drug delivery and establish a healthcare ecosystem based on the Internet technology and big data technology.


“The secret of survival is integrity-based business, people-centric management and a symbiotic culture.”HONSUN will continue to pursue fruitful exchanges, mutually beneficial relationship and common growth with the society, customers and employees.

                                                    William Xiang
                             HONSUN (STOCK CODE:832278)Chairman